We can also produce a Photo Montage video that can be played on our projector and large video screen at your wedding.

If you already have your montage done you can rent our projector and large screen.

What exactly is a photo montage?

A photo montage is a sequence of photographs and/or video clips that have been carefully synchronized and compiled with your favorite music. Each visual element is seamlessly linked to the next image with high quality transitions. We skillfully produce montages using publisher quality scanners and leading-edge video editing systems. We then take the finished product and either compile it to a DVD, Blu-Ray, or even upload it to the internet for private viewings.

The Process of creating a photo montage

The planning and pre-production stages are very important elements. Generally, we compile montages where there are 12 pictures per minute, this allocates 5 seconds of transition time per picture. Once you have an idea of the type of story you want to tell, you then start choosing pictures to frame the narrative. It’s better for the montage as a whole if you have a diverse range of pictures to use. A strategy that helps to find the pictures you want to use is to compile your pictures into different groups based on your idea (ex. Yes, no, maybe groups). Try to add pictures that add to your story and are not too repetitive. Once the story is created, the only thing needed is the right music. Again, look for the right song that captures the story you are trying to tell. Once all these elements are grouped, we will compile them together.

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